Electrical Safety is TOP Priority!

Many things can go wrong in an electrical system in your home. Preventing electrical problems is one of our top concerns. We must keep in mind that the electrical system is one of the most dangerous systems in a home and that fire and shock hazards exist around us. PowerWorks offers electrical safety inspections to make sure your electrical system will always work when needed! There are many factors that can cause electrical system failure, so you want to ensure the functionality of your electrical panel, wiring and outlets. To schedule an electrical maintenance check or safety inspection, please call us at 941-752-8000 or contact us on the website.

Electrical Safety Inspections

The top two causes of electrical panel issues are loose connections and moisture. Electrical Safety Inspections provide the ability to identify problems before they happen and coordinate an orderly and typically lower cost repair when an issue is found. To schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection, please call PowerWorks Electric at 941-752-8000.

Electrical Outlets

electrical outletPowerWorks can replace, repair or upgrade the outlets in your home. We offer USB outlets, which have become very popular so that you still have multiple outlets for cords and a place to plug your phone or other devices into.

Wiring Upgrades

electrical upgradeSafety is the number one concern to our electricians. We want to make sure the wiring in your home is correct and not something you should have to worry about. Proper grounding and aluminum wire is a very common problem in older buildings.

Service Panel Upgrades

meter can replacement, service panel upgradeThe Service panel in your home is what controls the power circuits to the lighting, heating, air conditioning and much more! Your electrical service panel must be able to handle the capacity you need. Due to the age of the panel or possible insurance reasons it may be a good idea to have PowerWorks perform an electrical inspection of your electrical system.

Surge Protection

surge protectionFlorida is the lightning capital of the United States. Protect your home, your appliances, and electrical system with surge protectors.

PowerWorks offers whole home surge protection. Ensure you don’t ruin your appliances, computers, TV’s and more by adding surge protection to protect against electrical surges from lighting strikes as well as utility company line spikes.

Smoke Detectors

data wiringPowerWorks Electric and Air Conditioning offers smoke detectors hard wired to your homes electrical system and come with a 10 year sealed back up battery. No more having to change batteries every couple years. We can also install detectors that sense Carbon Monoxide along with Smoke detection. They have a very loud horn and voice alarm so you know what is going on when your woke up in the middle of the night.

Other Services

gfci circuitsWe also offer Bathroom accessories like exhaust fan installations. Our electricians also offer electrical remodeling services for your whole home, room additions, kitchen, bathrooms and more!

PowerWorks offers electrical code violation corrections, electrical troubleshooting, GFCI protection, code compliance electrical repairs, and more.

For all your Electrical Maintanence needs, call PowerWorks Electric at 941-752-8000 or request service on the website.

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