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PowerWorks is an air conditioning service and AC repair contractor capable of fixing and tuning up your air conditioner, heat pump, air handler or condenser. We service and repair any brand of cooling equipment, including American Standard, Carrier, Trane, York, Daikin, Lennox, Amana, Bryant, Rheem, Ruud, Goodman, Comfortmaker and more!

Our service technicians are the best in the Sarasota, FL area. They are fully vetted and undergo continuous training to make sure they are knowledgeable and experienced with all HVAC systems. Whether it be the cold of  winter, or the heat of summer, PowerWorks is the HVAC contractor that has you covered.

Call today to schedule your service or repair on your heating & cooling system at 941-752-8000.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation and AC RepairWhen it comes time to replace your air conditioner, you want to make sure that you are considering all of your options, such as brand, type of cooling system, size, SEER rating, and of course, the price. PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning can help you in this process. We will assist you in the decision making process by first performing a load calculation on your home. After that, we will provide and explain a list of the different options, which will help you identify the right cooling system for you.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning carries the largest variety of central air conditioner units. With great pricing, quality products and experienced staff, you'd have never known AC installation was this easy.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Repair

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning offers fast and reliable air conditioning service. Our technicians are trained to work on all types of air conditioning units, regardless of brand, size, or location. We strive for the best service and that includes fixing your system correctly on the first visit. Our AC repair prices include all parts, material, labor, and warranties. We are upfront with our pricing and ensure that you get the best service in the Sarasota, FL area. 

Our technicians are carefully trained to provide not only the best technical service, but also the best customer service. PowerWorks will be there for you no matter what the air conditioning service is! 


  • Your thermostat is not delivering the set temperature.
  • Energy bills have increased. This could mean that your air conditioner is clogged and needs cleaning or maintenance.
  • Your AC is making a loud noise. This could be due a faulty motor, or that debris is trapped inside the air conditioner.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you may need to have your air conditioner serviced. Call PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning to schedule a repair. We can send out a service technician to diagnose the problem and get you back up and running in no time! Call us today at 941-752-8000.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning Services

Portable Air Conditioner - Mini Split AC Unit

Portable Air Conditioner and Mini Split AC UnitDuctless AC systems or Mini Splits as they are sometimes called, have become quite popular in homes and businesses. These air conditioners are installed without ductwork, allowing them to be used in many different applications throughout your home. You can place it anywhere, including a standard room, home addition or sun room. Ductless heating and cooling can be used as an alternative to ducted systems. 

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless, portable air conditioners are becoming more popular in the Sarasota, FL area for both residential and commercial customers. PowerWorks offers mini split ac systems produced by the industry’s leading manufacturers. The ductless technology makes it one of the most efficient air conditioning systems available. Portable air conditioners give you the freedom to control the comfort level of each and every room. You also have the power to turn off the unit in each room while not in use, making them one of the most efficient HVAC systems out there. To find out more about ductless heating and mini split ac units, please call us at 941-752-8000.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning Services

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Systems and Geothermal HeatingHeat pump systems supply air conditioning and heating from the same unit. These are incredibly energy efficient and have risen in popularity due to the fact that they are so quiet and environmentally friendly. PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning can help you save long term with any of our available options. We realize that this a less common HVAC product, so please feel free to ask for more information so that we may assist you in choosing the best heat pump system for your home.

Heat Pump Systems

Over half of the energy usage in your home goes toward heating and cooling, so you should ensure that you have the most energy efficient system installed in your home. At PowerWorks, we always want what's best for you, not the most expensive product. We will speak with you to discuss your needs, then thoroughly survey your home. Based on this criteria, we will recommend the best heat pump system for you. Here are few details to consider in advance of selecting a unit:

  • Quiet Operation: You want to make sure that the system that sits outside of your home is quiet. 
  • SEER Rating: A SEER rating is like the miles per gallon in your car, the higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit. Efficient systems help you save money all year long.
  • Warranties: Our air conditioning systems come with warranties that range from 5 - 10 years on all parts.

Heat Pump Installation

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning is an experienced and licensed installation contractor, serving Sarasota, FL and its surrounding areas. To schedule your install call us at 941-752-8000.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning Services

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

UV Lights can help remove unwanted pollutants, bacteria, and germs in your home. UV lights for AC are very successful in eliminating mold spores in your HVAC system. These germicidal lights work to get rid of mold growth on the cooling coils of the air conditioner and also help kill airborne bacteria that recirculates through the ductwork.

HVAC UV Lights

HVAC UV LightsIf you suffer from allergies or if your family tends to get sick more often, a UV light installation may be a great option for you. The air cleaners that PowerWorks installs can effectively remove unwanted pollutants, but, if paired with an HVAC UV light, it will kill the bacteria and viruses in the air you breathe.

UV Light Replacement

Do you have a UV light in your home AC system, but need a UV bulb replacement? PowerWorks can replace the existing bulb or even install a new, cost effective UV Lighting system. UV bulbs only last approximately 9000 hours (about 1 year) before they start losing their effectiveness. If your UV light is not current or does not seem to be working correctly anymore, please call us to discuss our variety of UV lights at 941-752-8000 or request an estimate through our online form.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning Services

HVAC Filters

AC Filter and HVAC FiltersDo you have a hard time changing your AC filter? Do you forget when to change it? Do you forget what HVAC filter to use? PowerWorks offers AC filter replacement scheduling that allows us to do it for you. Give PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning a call for all your of HVAC filter needs at 941-752-8000.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning Services


Thermostat Installation and Thermostat WiringThe thermostat is very important when it comes to controlling the comfort and temperature of your home. The thermostat not only controls the temperature, but the humidification, dehumidification, and ventilation as well. There are so many options now, that the choice of thermostat may actually determine the type of HVAC equipment you choose, and vice versa. 

There are many things to consider when deciding on what type of thermostat installation is best for your home. Here are a few items to keep in mind:

  • Brand: PowerWorks can perform thermostat installation on any brand, including Honeywell, Nest, White Rodgers, Ecobee, and Emerson.
  • Programmable vs. Non Programmable: Would you like to automatically set certain temperatures at specific times, or you would you like one that you can control manually.
  • Wired vs. Wireless: Today, thermostats can be WiFi enabled! As long as there is a wifi network available, you can sync your thermostat with your smart phone or tablet. These thermostats can then allow you to control your thermostat from anywhere! Thermostat wiring is the old fashioned way and is what most homes currently use. Unless you're a certified thermostat installation expert or an electrician, thermostat wiring could potentially be dangerous. Our team has plenty of experience and can take care of this in no time.
  • Features: Thermostats no longer come in just white and beige, they are available in silver, black, and gold. In addition, they also come in many sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits where you want it installed.

These are just some of the many options to consider when choosing your thermostat. Call PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning to help you make the right decision based on your heating and air conditioning equipment. You can reach us at 941-752-8000 or contact us through our online form.

PowerWorks Electric & Air Conditioning Services